Who’s responsible for Python⇒Speed?


I’m Itamar Turner-Trauring. I can help you achieve your business goals—and meet your users’ needs—by designing, architecting, and building software.

I’ve designed completely new products from scratch:

  • Eliot, an open source tracing logging library, suited for complex applications, small-scale distributed systems, and scientific computing.
  • Telepresence, which allows for fast, local development of Kubernetes services.
  • As part of a larger team, I was part of engineering leadership for one of the first distributed storage backends for Docker.

I’ve been writing Python since 1999, and along the way I’ve worked on:

  • Scientific computing, with large scale data and distributed image processing computations.
  • A wide variety of distributed systems: an airline reservation system, message-level peer-to-peer SMTP load balancing, a reliable multicast broadcast system, and more.
  • High-performance C++, in a product that is now part of Google Flights’ backend.
  • Open source projects like the Twisted networking framework.

I’ve also trained Cisco and VMWare developers, given talks and tutorials at PyCon, worked as a product manager at Google, and a whole lot more.

Got any questions, or interested in my consulting services? Send me an email.

Why I’m doing this

I like helping people, and of course I’d like to make a living.

But I also would like, if I can, to help make the world a little bit better:

  • If your company is working to mitigate or reduce the impact of climate change, I would love to work with you and help you advance your goals.
  • More broadly, slow software can be highly expensive in both time and money—and data centers are an increasing source of CO₂ emissions. Speeding up your application is a win/win for everyone.
  • Building scientific software helps scientists, data scientists, and businesses. My logging library Eliot is particularly suited to scientific computing.

In my spare time I volunteer with a local bicycle safety advocacy group, helping to push Cambridge, MA to more sustainable forms of transportation.

Got any questions, or interested in my consulting services? Send me an email.