Who’s responsible for this site?


I’m Itamar Turner-Trauring.

With 20+ years of experience creating production-ready software, ranging from scientific computing to distributed systems, I’d love to share some of what I’ve learned with you and your team.

I’ve taught on-site training classes, spoken at many Python conferences, and my articles have been read by hundreds of thousands of software developers.

Along the way I’ve also designed new products from scratch, including:

  • Eliot, an open source tracing logging library, suited for data science, scientific computing, and small-scale distributed systems.
  • Telepresence, which allows for fast, local development of Kubernetes services.

I’ve also worked on:

  • Scientific computing, with large scale data and distributed image processing computations.
  • A wide variety of distributed systems: an airline reservation system, message-level peer-to-peer SMTP load balancing, a reliable multicast broadcast system, and more.
  • High-performance C++, in a product that is now part of Google Flights’ backend.
  • Open source projects like the Twisted networking framework.

Got any questions, or interested in training for your team? Send me an email.

Why I’m doing this

I like helping people improve their skills, and of course I’d like to make a living.

But I also would like, if I can, to help make the world a little bit better:

  • If your company is working to mitigate or reduce the impact of climate change, I would love to work with you and help you advance your goals.
  • More broadly, slow software can be highly expensive in both time and money—and data centers are an increasing source of CO₂ emissions. Speeding up your application is a win/win for everyone.
  • Building scientific software helps scientists, data scientists, and businesses. My logging library Eliot is particularly suited to scientific computing.

In my spare time I volunteer with a local bicycle safety advocacy group, helping to push Cambridge, MA to more sustainable forms of transportation.

Got any questions, or interested in training for your team? Send me an email.