Docker packaging products for Python

Improve your skills with these books

Beginners: Just Enough Docker Packaging

Just Enough Docker Packaging

New to Docker? Learn the fundamental concepts and the practical debugging techniques you need to understand Docker packaging—in just one afternoon.

Advanced: Python on Docker Production Handbook

Python on Docker Production Handbook

Quickly learn how to make your Python application’s Docker packaging production-ready. You’ll get a step-by-step plan, and a reference covering 70+ best practices, including security, fast builds, small images, Pipenv, Poetry, Conda, and much more.

Save time with pre-written templates

Instead of wasting days of expensive developer time implementing and testing your own Docker packaging infrastructure, you can ship your Docker images with confidence—in just an hour or two!—by using these templates. Includes Dockerfile, build scripts, and much more.

Choose the appropriate template for the packaging tool you use:

Pip, Poetry, Pipenv: Production-Ready Python Containers

Conda, Mamba: Production-Ready Conda Containers