Consulting services

Slow software can mean high computing costs, unusable products, or critical data analysis that never happens because it just takes too long to debug.

Fast software lets you iterate faster, gives you a bigger spending budget, reduces CO₂ emissions, and makes your users happier. Speeding up scientific computing in particular can mean speeding up the creation of important societal solutions, from vaccines to more efficient energy grids.

If you need your Python data analysis software to run more efficiently, if speed or memory usage are keeping you from getting the results you need, I may be able to help. I am particularly interested in efforts to combat climate change.

You can reach me at

From prototype to production

You have a working Python prototype of your data processing algorithm. Now you need to get it ready for production. Which means your software needs to be fast, robust, maintainable, cost-efficient, and scalable.

With more than 25 years experience of shipping production-ready software, I can help you:

  • Speed up your code so it can get results on time, and run at scale with an affordable operating budget.
  • Learn about tools, techniques, and process improvements that will help you ship best-practices software, on schedule.

Options range from a one-hour conversation (US$500), to a larger-scale project, to ongoing advice and feedback.

You can reach me at