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Learn how to decide whether a product is worth the money, and convince your boss to approve the purchase. Then, you can come back and apply those techniques to decide whether or not these particular products are worth your time and money.

Docker education and templates

Just Enough Docker Packaging ($)

Just Enough Docker Packaging

New to Docker? Learn the fundamental concepts and the practical debugging techniques you need to understand Docker packaging—in just one afternoon.

Quickly learn the basics of Docker packaging

Introduction to Dockerizing for Production (free)

Level-up your DevOps understanding. Learn why production is different, why Docker images are great for packaging, and a step-by-step iterative Dockerizing process covered in this free mini-ebook. A good conceptual introduction for the Handbook.

Learn a process for production Docker packaging

Python on Docker Production Handbook ($)

Python on Docker Production Handbook

Quickly learn how to make your Python application’s Docker packaging production-ready. You’ll get a step-by-step plan, and a reference covering 70+ best practices, including security, fast builds, small images, Pipenv, Poetry, Conda, and much more.

Level-up your production Docker packaging skills

Production-Ready Python Containers template ($)

Instead of wasting days of expensive developer time implementing and testing your own Docker packaging infrastructure, you can ship your Docker images with confidence—in just hours!—by using this template.

Dockerize your Python application in an afternoon

Production-Ready Conda Containers template ($)

Create a production-ready Docker image of your Conda-based application, in just one hour.

Dockerize your Conda application, fast

Performance and memory optimization for Python

Fil: A memory profiler for Python (open source)

Paying too much for you compute resources because your Python batch process uses too much memory? The free, open source Fil memory profiler will tell you exactly what you need to know: where your peak memory usage is coming from, so you can optimize your code and lower you costs.

Reduce memory usage with Fil

Sciagraph™: Always-on performance and memory profiling for production batch jobs ($)

If your production data processing batch jobs are running too slowly, using too much memory, or costing too much, you need to understand why. Sciagraph is an always-on, production-grade profiler you can use to get immediate insights into your code’s bottlenecks.

Speed up your production batch jobs with Sciagraph

Software engineering skills

The Secret Skills of Productive Programmers ($19)

How do you get more work done, without working longer hours? The key to becoming more productive is not just technology skills, my main focus on this site, but also becoming a better problem solver.

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