Just Enough Docker Packaging (Book: $29)

Quickly learn the basics of how Docker packaging works, by reading Just Enough Docker Packaging.

Python on Docker Production Checklist ($79)

Make sure your Python application’s Docker image is ready for production with this concise checklist of best practices. Covers security, fast builds, small images, reproducability, and much more—learn more about the Python on Docker Production Checklist.

Production-ready Python Containers (Template: $299)

Instead of spending days researching, implementing, testing, and fighting slow builds, you can ship your Docker images with confidence—in just hours!—by using the Production-Ready Python Containers template.

The Fil Memory Profiler for Python

Python batch process using too much memory? Tired to fighting bad tooling that doesn’t tell you what you want to know? The Fil memory profiler will tell you exactly what you need to know: where your peak memory usage is coming from.