Consulting Services

Custom Docker packaging

Read more about this on my Docker page.

Performance optimization

Are your server costs too high, because your code is too slow? Are your batch processes taking far too long to run? From reducing computation cost to increasing parallelism to reducing memory usage, I can help lower your resource needs and cut your costs.

Is your application too slow? Get in touch.

Eliot support contracts

Eliot is an open source causal logging library for Python. Unlike most logging libraries—which give you a stream of disjointed and unconnected pieces of information—Eliot gives you a causal trace of your program’s execution.

Eliot can help you:

  • Debug logic errors far more quickly than traditional logging.
  • Pinpoint performance problems, not just by function, but by inputs as well.
  • Trace your program’s execution across multiple processes, making it ideal for small-scale distributed systems and scientific computing.

If you’re interested in a support contract for Eliot, please get in touch.